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Jennifer worked as the Audio Production Controller with the digital publishing team at Pottermore, managing the scheduling & production of new foreign language recordings of the Harry Potter stories in multiple languages. 

Quidditch Through the Ages by JK Rowling, Kennilworthy Whisp

Fantastic Beasts by JK Rowling, Newt Scamander

Published by Pottermore Publishing


Italian Quidditch Through The Ages

Narrated by Francesco Pannofino

French Quidditch Through The Ages

Narrated by Féodor Atkine

German Quidditch Through The Ages

Narrated by Rufus Beck

Italian Fantastic Beasts

Narrated by Francesco Pannofino

French Fantastic Beasts

Narrated by Theo Frilet


Casting Voice Talent

​Audio Editing using DAWs

Pronunciation & Script Direction

Recording Studio Production

Communication & Project Management Skills

Spoken Word Production - Audiobooks / Radio / Podcast

Knowledge of re-mastering, sound design techniques, digital audiobook platforms & foreign languages.

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